-Sketch 1 character: 15$ PROMO: Aditional Character +5$ (only in sketches)

-Clean Lineart: 30$ (+7$ aditional character)

-Plain Color: 35$ (+7$ aditional character)

-Cel Shade Color: 40$ (+7$ aditional character)

-Detailed Shade Color: 55$ (+7$ aditional character)

*Backgrounds cost and aditional 15$ to 30$ depends of the background difficult. If you don't want background the pic will have a neutral background or a simple gradient color.


-Comic Page (black/white with gray shades) 40$

-Comic Page in cel-shade color: 60$

I WILL NOT DRAW: shota, bestiality, animal genitalia (modified penises like spikes, rings, etc are ok, but they will be human form)

I only receive payment via PayPal

For spanish people: Si vives en España acepto transferencia bancaria.

If you have any question, please contact me via email at

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