29 may 2013


Hi all!

What's up? Sorry for no updates in a long time, very busy lately with my new comic project!
I wanted to take a break of the comic I'm doing (I will post previews soon) and decided to do a trade with my special friend Aneros, he requested me a drawing of Rick Taylor from Splatterhouse... and I love Splatterhouse! One of the first games I played on my Megadrive/Sega Genesis was Splatterhouse 2 and was my very first survival horror game!

So, Aneros requested me the new version of Rick Taylor from the  XBOX 360 Splatterhouse new game and I have to say I don't played yet, but I will do for sure in the future, the concept, the music, art and videos are amazing and gory! oh, and here it is the pic!

It was fun to do, because I wanted to do something gory (I love gore movies and games) and I put effort on the illumination and shades. Hope you like it Aneros!
Also, I did this version with one of the templates of Sega Genesis game boxes and well, I totally loved it, omg I'm so retro.

See ya!

3 comentarios:

Karoline KD A. dijo...

That's one big monster of a pºººº! Love the shading and where the light source is. How long did it take to create?

Baralust dijo...

thanks Karoline! I did this in two days, take arround 6-7 hours of work :)

DEVILMAN dijo...

Este arte tuyo me anima muchisimo a dibujar a Rick D: creo es uno d elos personajes mas sexys de los juegos de los 90s